Roof Replacement for Historic Buildings

Roof replacement for historic buildings can be a delicate job. That is why it is essential to work with professionals who have the qualifications to ensure a successful roof replacement for these valuable structures. Fortunately, you can count on Arry’s Roofing to have the necessary tools and experience to deliver.

Roof Replacement

What Qualifies as a Historic Building?
For a building or structure to be considered historic, it should be nominated first to the National Register of Historic Places or NRHP. The NRHP is the federal government’s official list of districts, buildings, structures, and objects worthy of preservation. A property has to meet the NRHP’s criteria for evaluation, which involve age, integrity, and significance. As these buildings hold significant historic value, it is important to work with trustworthy roofers in Largo, FL, to ensure a seamless roof repair or replacement.

What Are Our Qualifications for the Job?
We have the credentials to conduct historic building roof replacement and roof repair in Tampa, FL. Our years of experience working with the local community allow us to do our job swiftly and efficiently. We also take pride in being recognized by top manufacturers, such as GAF, and have been the recipient of the Consumer Protection Excellent Awards.

Our broad area of expertise includes any type of roof, such as asphalt roofing shingles, built-up roofing, elastomeric (liquid) membranes, and metal roofs. In addition, our GAF Master Elite™ status allows us to undergo on-going training on the latest in roofing technology and installation. Expect your historic building roof replacement to yield excellent results.

What Is Our Replacement Process for Historic Buildings?
As a Tampa roofing contractor committed to preserving the historic value of buildings, we provide a customized approach on your unique roof replacement needs. We will evaluate the historic structure to determine specific details of work that needs to be done. Afterwards, we will create a plan that will help retain the historic value of the building. Once we have a plan, we will loop everyone associated to the structure such as building and corporate owners, property managers, and municipal managers. We will also make sure to keep in touch with insurance adjusters to help ease the process.

Let Arry’s Roofing handle your historic building roofing concerns. Call us today at (727) 938-9565 for a FREE roofing inspection and estimate.