How Can Your Business Benefit from Manufacturer Certifications?

You’ve probably heard about manufacturer certifications like the ones offered by GAF ®. Looking for certified Tarpon Springs roofing experts is highly recommended because the benefits provided can help keep your commercial roof in good shape.

Manufacturer Certifications

Certification Means Certainty

Contractors must meet certain requirements to receive certification. These include training, product knowledge, and proper licensing. For example, in order to be a certified GAF Master Elite™ contractor, a roofing contractor should have proper licensing, adequate insurance, and constant professional training. They should also have a solid reputation in their local community.

With those key requirements, putting your commercial roof in the hands of certified Palm Harbor roofing experts is much easier since you know that those contractors are capable of working with your chosen brand of roofing.

Certification Means Extra Roof Care

The benefits of manufacturer certification go beyond credentials. Some roofing products are covered by warranties, but only if they are installed by certified contractors. In some cases, certified contractors can also offer extended warranties for better peace of mind. It also means the contractor has a wider skill set that allows them to provide more roof-related services that other non-certified contractors cannot.

Certification Means Savings

Since a certified contractor can install a commercial roof according to manufacturer’s specifications, you will end up with a roof that performs to its fullest potential: better build quality means better weather protection and insulation. Combine that with exclusive warranties and you can avoid a lot of unexpected expenses in the long run.

It’s easy to tell if a Tampa roofing contractor has manufacturer certification; you can either check their website or the manufacturer’s website to see if they are acknowledged. You can also contact the contractor and request to see their certification.

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