What Makes Metal Roofs An Ideal Choice?

Looking for a great roofing option for your home? Then you should definitely consider getting a metal roof in Tampa. Although they’re mostly made of stainless steel, metal roofs can also be made of aluminum, copper, iron, or even regular steel. Available as large panels or shingles, this popular roofing material has several advantages over other roofing alternatives.

Metal Roofing


Metal is known for its toughness, so it’s not surprising that metal roofs have excellent durability. They can withstand impact damage better than other roofing materials. If properly secured, they can even resist strong winds that would’ve blown away other kinds of roofs. Metal roofs are also fire-resistant, since they do not burn like wood and vinyl.


Metal roofing in Tampa, FL, are lightweight considering how well they can resist damage. This also means a metal roof doesn’t put too much weight on the roof deck and rafters, extending the infrastructure’s lifespan without the need to install extra support.


Since a metal roof’s surface can be painted easily, it’s also easy to change its appearance to suit your home’s color scheme or visual theme. Combine it with the fact that roofs are available in shingles or panels and you get one of the most versatile materials on the market.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing in Tampa are among the most energy-efficient roof options out there. While it tends to warm up quickly when under direct sunlight, it also loses heat just as fast. Metal roofs with a shiny finish also reflect a lot of sunlight away from the home.


Long-term energy efficiency combined with a lower installation cost compared to wood and tile roofing makes metal roofs well worth the investment.

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