Practical Reasons Log Homeowners Love Metal Roofing

Metal may seem an unusual roofing choice for log homes at first. The fact that it’s a manufactured material may seem at odds with the architecture’s defining quality: genuine timber. For many reasons, though, metal is more appealing to discerning log homeowners than other roofing materials.

Practical Reasons Log Home Owners Love Metal Roofing

Arry’s Roofing explains why:

Metal Roofs Are Rustproof

Historically, the biggest criticism of iron-containing building materials was rust. But thanks to modern technology, that’s no longer the case with today’s metal roofing products. Specially formulated coatings enable 21st-century metal roofs to repel moisture. Preventing the formation of iron oxide, or common rust, allows the metal to preserve its exceptional durability and weather resistance for decades with minimal upkeep.

Metal Roofs Don’t Lose Impact Resistance With Age

Metal isn’t the only tough roofing option on the market, but its lightweight quality sets it apart from the rest. Apart from being “structurally friendly,” the high strength-to-weight ratios of metal roofs keep them from losing their incredible impact resistance over the years.

Metal Roofs Closely Resemble Traditional Materials

The idea that metal roofing products only work well on sleek, modern homes is a misconception. Metal roofs are actually available in an array of profiles to emulate the look of traditional materials. They can come in smooth vertical seam panels, or in shingles to mimic asphalt, slate, or wood.

 Metal Roofs Offer Passive Solar Design Features

The inherent energy-efficient properties of metal complement the high R-value of real wood. The use of a metal roof is also a trademark of a passive solar home. It helps you minimize your energy use by reflecting most of the sun’s heat, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.

You have every reason to cover your log home with a high-quality metal roof. At Arry’s Roofing, our certification from many trusted metal roofing manufacturers give you access to premium products and robust warranties. Plus, we offer our very own 20-year workmanship guarantee to provide you peace of mind.

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