Repair or Replace? Settling the Great Roofing Service Debate

Choosing between roof repair and replacement is never a straightforward process. In general, the service you need depends on the extent of the damage. Still, judging via red flags alone won’t necessarily lead to the best decisions.

Roofing Service

It’s best to turn to experienced professionals to assess your roof and provide sound judgment on whether you need replacement or repair. As the region’s premier roofing company, Arry’s Roofing here offers helpful advice on giiving your roof the care it needs:

Develop a Routine Maintenance Plan

Scheduling regular inspections lets you stay ahead of problems by always knowing your roof’s current condition. Routine maintenance identifies hidden issues that would otherwise remain undiscovered and unaddressed—at least until they cause a major problem. When we spot them before they advance into a more serious issue, we can repair them in a timely and less costly fashion.

Even if you don’t recall any disaster hitting your area recently, it pays to develop an active roof maintenance plan. Most roofing manufacturers require specific upkeep to preserve warranty validity. Not doing your share may void your warranty.

Be Vigilant

Experienced roofers recommend keeping an eye for signs of damage during and after a storm. Look for roof-related leaks in the middle of a hurricane, and if you spot one, call us right away to address the problem. We use proper safety precautions to prevent further damage and can perform emergency repairs.

Otherwise, if you notice no problems during actual storm, search for red flags once the bad weather passes. Check your attic and walk around the perimeter of your home to look for causes for concern.

Think Ahead

When inspecting your roof, factor in its age. We may find minor damage, but we might recommend a replacement job anyway if your roof is nearing the end of its service life. We’ll only advise roof repair when it makes financial sense to you. Severe and widespread shingle damage, such as curling, cracking, and granule loss, is one thing that usually compels us to recommend re-roofing over repair.

At Arry’s Roofing, we’ve protected roofs in Tampa for more than 25 years and have won numerous awards for our exceptional services in this time. You can rely on us to thoroughly check your roofing system and provide honest and accurate guidance. Call us now at (727) 938-9565 to schedule your FREE roofing inspection and get an estimate.