4 Persistent Myths about Energy Efficiency in Roofing

Americans may be increasingly prioritizing sustainability in their personal and professional lives, but when it comes to investing in energy-efficient home improvement projects, many homeowners are still not that savvy. Misconceptions about energy efficiency, especially when it comes to roofs, are widespread.

Energy-Efficient Roofing

As the leading roofing contractor in the region, Arry’s Roofing is here to separate myth from reality:

1. Installing an Attic Ventilation System Defeats the Point of Insulation

To maintain an optimum attic climate without wasting energy, you need excellent ventilation in the attic ceiling and high-quality insulation on the floor. The former keeps the underside of your roofing system from overheating due to heat gain, while the latter prevents conditioned air from the lower floors from escaping.

Honest roofers recommend a combination of solar-powered ventilation and blow-in insulation. The two work efficiently together to achieve and maintain a desirable attic climate in a sustainable way.

2. Circulating Air Lowers a Room’s Temperature

This is only true when your attic can vent the hot air to the outside. Otherwise, the drafts fans create may feel cool when they touch your skin, but they won’t actually drop the space’s temperature.

3. Closing Air Vents Saves Energy

The logic behind this statement is incorrect. Closing a vent only prevents a centralized HVAC unit from sending cool air to that space. However, it doesn’t stop the heat from reaching the area. When it overheats, it may put additional strain on your air conditioner and speed up wear and tear.

4. Air-Conditioning Your Home Is the Only Way to Stay Cool

Having an air conditioner helps you customize your indoor climate, but there are also natural ways to keep your home cool. Conducting a roof repair in a timely manner fixes air leaks, while re-roofing with a reflective system helps minimize heat gain.

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