Why No Leaks Can Remain Undetected With Arry’s Roofing

Locating the source of the roof leakage is always a tricky business. Since water leaks don’t travel along a linear path, it takes professional expertise, experience, and even imagination to detect the root of the problem.

Roofing Contractor

Even if you think you have good detective skills, leaving the job to pros is the best way to effectively fix a leaky roof. Here’s how Arry’s Roofing does it:

Ruling Out Non-Roof Leak Sources

Before we inspect your entire roofing system, we will verify that the leak is really coming from your roof. The task is easiest when it’s currently raining, but even if it’s not we can still determine whether the leak is coming from your roof or another part of your house. Sometimes, drips and condensation that appear to be coming from the roof are actually originating from the air conditioner, a faulty pipe, or a loose valve.

Once we’re positive no other sources are causing the water stains, we’ll then move on to your roof.

Prioritizing Problem Areas

Focus on the usual suspects first: this is our motto when it comes to quickly pinpointing the source of a leak. Leakages happen usually due to broken or missing shingles, tiles, or panels. Also, bad flashing on any penetration or valley is a common culprit.

When we pinpoint the likely leak sources, we’ll recommend immediate roof repair (even if the areas in question turn out not to be the ones directly responsible) This way, we can fix current leak problems and prevent future ones from occurring.

Identifying Hidden Red Flags

What if the usual problem areas are not behind the leakage? Our crew will perform a thorough inspection, covering every inch of your roof until we discover the possible source. We’ll use our trained eye to spot signs of damage at their infancy, which would otherwise stay undetected until they became more advanced (and more costly to repair).

As one of the region’s most experienced and award-winning roofers, count on Arry’s Roofing to handle your leak problems the stress-free way. Finding a leak is harder than fixing a leak, but we guarantee to carry out the inspection and necessary repairs quickly and efficiently.

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