5 Ways to Create a Merrier December

The holiday season is certainly a hectic time for most of us. There’s so much to take care of, in addition to all the usual duties we have at home and at work. Whether you’re running a household or a small business or both, you understand how limited time can be every December. So while you’re keeping things going and squeezing in time to decorate and shop for gifts, it’s important to keep in mind ways to truly enjoy the spirit of the season.

The following list contains five ways to maintain the holiday spirit during the next few weeks. You can also invite your family to participate. As you look at this particular list, you may find your own ideas starting to flow.

1. Home safety
This is the most important one of the list so we’ll start with it. Once a week, take the time to ensure everything is functioning properly in your Tampa Bay home, especially if it’s heavily decorated inside and out. An abundance of lights and decorations can create electrical issues or become hazards if not properly placed away from foot traffic.

Do these rooftop decorations look safe to you?

2. Charitable causes
Rather than attempt to give something to every charitable organization you encounter, choose one charity to support as a family. The contribution could be monetary, it could consist of volunteering your time, or it might involve a donation of items, such as pillows and blankets to a local shelter. Find a cause that’s personal to you and enjoy the spirit of giving.

3. Reach out to someone out of touch
You may have friends or family members you have not spoken to in a long time. The holiday season is a wonderful time to check on those people, let them know they’re remembered, or mend a broken relationship with a loved one.

4. Thank a business
Write a personal thank you letter to a local business that satisfied you this year. A handwritten note is a lovely gesture, but you can also email the company or share your praise on its Facebook page or any social media page hosted by the company.

5. Make time for yourself
Sure, while it is a season of giving, it’s still okay to devote time to yourself. For some people, that may mean spending the day with a favorite activity.

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