Arry’s Roofing Unveils New Service for Decks


In the days before the official start of winter, daytime highs in Tampa Bay are still reaching the 70s unlike Green Bay where it won’t even warm up to 40°. This mild weather, one of the reasons we appreciate life along the Gulf Coast, keeps us tending to the exterior of our homes a lot longer than they do in northern states, of course. One of those areas is now getting special attention from Arry’s Roofing as we begin offering a new service to our customers with decks.

The new service from Arry’s is the TrafficCoat Deck System. The system from Hydro-Stop helps your Tampa Bay deck resist wear, while covering minor imperfections, and remains watertight. This is the same company that has been producing top quality waterproofing and roofing systems for years.

It’s important to emphasize that it’s the entire TrafficCoat system that protects your deck, rather than a simple application. The system consists of several layers, including foundation coats, fabric and finish coats. The traffic coats follow and a clear sealer is used at the end.

Since your deck is used year round, you want to protect its beauty year round. The TrafficCoat Deck System not only does that with waterproofing technology, it also gives you a wide variety of design options from which to choose. Color options are extensive. Standard colors include White, Slate Grey, Autumn Tan, Carolina Clay and many more. A tile texture effect is also possible by applying a Knockdown Mix in between two FinishCoat layers.

An additional option we can provide can help create the smoothest surface possible for your Tampa Bay deck. It’s called ButterGrade and this sealant was created using advanced acrylic technology. Smoothing out fabric lap lines and imperfections in the substrate is one clear advantage of choosing this sealant for your deck.

As leading experts in protecting your Tampa Bay home from the weather elements that can harm your investment and affect your comfort, we recommend homeowners with unprotected decks consider a waterproofing system with the ability to do the same. You can also benefit from a 5 year extendable warranty. Just call Arry’s Roofing at 727-938-9565 to learn how to make it happen and enjoy the best of your Tampa Bay deck all winter and for years to come.