A Roofing Switch: Tile to Shingle in Tampa Bay

You know those times when you’re ready for a change at home. Appearance often has a lot to do with it and a new look can be refreshing. But making a change to your roofing is usually prompted by more than the desire to change the look as one Tampa Bay homeowner recently experienced.

Dan M., a homeowner in Palm Harbor, reached out to Arry’s Roofing to make a roofing change for him during the summer. Cost of maintenance and repair for a tile roof was a factor in the decision as Dan anticipated cleaning costs and replacement of broken tiles in his future. So this first-time customer decided to have a shingle roofing system installed instead.

Here’s a look at the home of our first-time customer before he made the switch from tile to shingle roofing.


The advantages of a shingle roof are numerous as homeowners like Dan discover every day. It’s no option requiring little maintenance, especially with fewer surfaces for debris to collect. Also, it comes with a 25-year labor warranty program and a lifetime product warranty. The peace of mind that comes from a 40-point inspection by the manufacturer, protecting the homeowner from any and all leaks, is invaluable.

The next decision may have taken Dan a little longer. That involved which color he preferred. But once that decision was made and the contract was signed, the job began less than a month later. Once crews arrived at Dan’s Palm Harbor home, the project was completely quickly, and Dan’s new shingle roof was finished within three days.


Tile roofing from this Palm Harbor home is removed first.


The crew from Arry’s Roofing works on making the change from tile to shingles.


Part of the installation includes new super gutters.


Installation of this new shingle roofing system by Arry’s Roofing was finished within three days.

For homeowners in central Pinellas County, like Dan M., and all over Tampa Bay, making the switch from tile roofing to shingle roofing can be a tremendous time saver as well as a cost-effective measure for years to come. When you’re ready to discuss the advantages of making the change, let’s talk. You can call Arry’s Roofing at 727-938-9565 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. We also invite you to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.