Fall Roofing-To-Do List


You probably don’t need anyone to give you more chores at home. It’s likely you don’t have time to get the ones on your current list done, especially if football watching takes up your weekends and family obligations tie you up during the rest of the week. But a little preventive care of your roof can go a long way this season and next.

Homeowners who neglect the roof year round may find trouble developing that could have been prevented easily. Certainly you can’t be vigilant every day of the week, but scheduling time to assess your roof’s condition and potential needs takes very little time and could save you a great deal based on the cost of future repairs. Those repairs could become more costly if the damage compromises the roof’s ability to provide even minimal protection during a severe storm.

To minimize the time it takes and the effort necessary, think simple when tending to your roof’s needs. A visual check is an easy step. You can also look for signs inside and out that suggest the roof and gutters aren’t functioning at their best. Then if you notice something doesn’t look right, don’t change your weekend plans; call in a roofing expert accustomed to handling a variety of roofing systems.

Assess the obvious
Look for debris on the roof that could mask damage to shingles or conceal missing shingles. This is a simple visual check you can do by walking around the home, without climbing a ladder.

Look for subtle signs
Look for any sign of where water flowing from the gutters. Clogged gutters and downspouts can redirect water and ruin landscaping or affect the structure of the home.

Call in the experts
Stay off the ladder, especially if you are using the wrong ladder for the job. Standing on top of a step ladder is a terrific way to injure yourself. Instead of risking your health, call Arry’s Roofing at 727-938-9565.

We’ll come assess your roof’s condition no matter where you live in Tampa Bay. Then we’ll provide a written evaluation and estimate AT NO CHARGE. That will give you time to focus on more important things, like watching the Bucs beat the Cowboys on Sunday.