A Special Night in Heritage Springs

Every roofing project handled by Arry’s Roofing is important. But some of our experiences as a company go beyond the work and give us a chance to help contribute to our local communities in other ways. We had one of those experiences this weekend in Heritage Springs thanks to our involvement in a fundraiser to support Special Olympics of Pasco County.

For those who don’t know, Heritage Springs is a community in Trinity and we’ve spend a lot of time there. Arry’s Roofing has been busy working on many re-roofing projects in the area, ensuring each property we step foot on has a roof in excellent condition before we leave. It’s the same high quality workmanship we bring to every community in Tampa Bay and why we’re proud to share a special night with the folks there.

Due to a prior commitment, the Housh family was unable to attend the fundraiser, but we made sure Arry’s Roofing was well represented. Jayson Hansel and his wife attended the charity event on Saturday, which has been hosted by Heritage Springs Association at Trinity’s Heritage Springs Country Club every year since 2000. Jayson shared his appreciation with us in writing.

“Hey guys! We did good tonight. We helped out a great cause —the Special Olympics. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!”

The Special Olympics has been a part of Pasco County since the 1970’s and we’re thrilled to join forces with other companies and individuals who support its mission. Every year, Special Olympians in Pasco County compete in a wide variety of sports, including bowling, softball, golf and sailing. More than 500 volunteers come together to make it all possible too.

These athletes compete at no cost to themselves or their families so support of the community is vital to ensure the program can continue to operate effectively every year. We’re proud to have the opportunity to help, and encourage anyone else interested in discover how to do the same, whether it’s through the Pasco County program or any of the programs around Tampa Bay. You can learn more about Special Olympics of Pasco County by going to the link below.


Jayson Hansel of Arry's Roofing at the annual fundraiser for Special Olympics of Pasco County on February 2, 2013
Jayson Hansel of Arry’s Roofing at the annual fundraiser for Special Olympics of Pasco County on February 2, 2013