An Important Roofing Decision When Starting a Family


Baby Housh 2

 Arry’s Roofing was blessed in March with the arrival of our newest member of the family. We joined Matthew and Mary Rose Housh in welcoming their daughter Helen Rose to the world. As new parents, they are certainly thinking a lot about ways to keep her safe, and ensuring the integrity of your Tampa Bay roofing system should be on any parent’s list of priorities.

For many new parents, the birth of a first child prompts a look at larger living spaces. Suddenly the one bedroom apartment no longer serves your needs. Even before the baby arrives, you can already imagine how cramped the two of you will feel so you begin looking for your first home. While there’s a lot to consider from location to price, it’s important to evaluate the condition of your home’s roof as you make this important decision.

You and your significant other may have different tastes and preferences in a lot of areas. At the same time, you both agree that protecting your child and protecting your home are things you can agree on. Making sure your roofing system is in adequate condition is one way to accomplish both tasks.

What are you looking for? The age of your Tampa Bay roof is one factor. The date of the last inspection is another. If the roof has not been inspected in more than five years, you’ll want to get a professional Tampa Bay roofing contractor on the job to assess the condition.

Here’s another helpful way to assess the roof. Look for signs of aging, excessive wear or disrepair. Mold or moss growth, curled or cracked shingles, and streaks along your home’s outside walls are just a few ways to tell the roof needs to be replaced. Keep in mind, the damage may be minimal enough to make repairs an option instead of total replacement. It will be up to your expert roofer to determine if repair or replacement is the correct choice.

When considering the options for home you’ll be in as your family grows, prioritizing the roof before you buy will save you time and money later. You have enough to handle with a little one in your life, especially in the first year. You don’t need any Tampa Bay roofing emergencies that could have been avoided with an early expert inspection and simple repair job.

Baby Housh