Ask the Seal in Tampa Bay

We talk a lot about the peace of mind our residential and commercial customers get from choosing a quality roofing system from an expert at installation. But peace of mind comes from more than confidence in your Tampa Bay roofer’s expertise in getting the job done; it’s about knowing the contractor you hire has integrity all the way through every layer of the business. That’s why Arry’s Roofing proudly announces we have been awarded the Seal of Security & Confidence by ASKtheSEAL.com.

What is ASK the SEAL?
Many Tampa Bay homeowners and property owners have not been introduced to ASK the SEAL yet. It’s your way of ensuring that the contractor you hire is providing a service for you that is licensed and insured. But there’s more. ASK the SEAL also examines customer satisfaction and a background check of all employees and the company owner.

License ✓
It’s essential to know the contractors you hire are recognized for their skills and permitted to do business within their industry. ASK the SEAL goes beyond just taking their word for it to ensure the protection of homeowners and business owners here in Tampa Bay and elsewhere.

Insurance ✓
Imagine if your contractor is uninsured and someone on the crew injures himself or does damage to your property. That’s an expense you don’t need. ASK the SEAL verifies insurance information to better protect the customer.

Background ✓
Criminals don’t knock on your door and announce their intentions, right? They often use employment with contractors, even Tampa Bay roofers and other types of companies, to find victims. Often their crimes are committed months after the work is done. ASK the SEAL conducts a thorough background check, including criminal and sex offender information, on everyone in the company.

Photo ID Available
Thanks to ASK the SEAL, there’s no mystery about the Tampa Bay roofer who will be visiting your home to conduct an inspection or handle the project. Arry’s Roofing, and other companies with a Seal of Approval, can email you a photo of the employees and proof of their background check. This Photo ID is also brought or worn to your home or business.

Our Tampa Bay roofing customers are already getting introduced to ASK the SEAL. If you have questions about our involvement with this consumer advocacy effort —or any of our numerous Tampa Bay roofing services —call at 727.362.2230. We also invite you to find us on Facebook.