Baseball All-Stars & the Value of a Job Well Done

On Tuesday July 10 in Kansas City, the best ballplayers in the American League face the best of the National League in Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game. Among the AL players is Rays closer Fernando Rodney, who entered the All-Star break with 36 games finished, 25 saves and an Earned Run Average of .093. He’ll be joined by regular season rivals, such as Derek Jeter of the Yankees and Josh Hamilton of the Rangers.

Tampa Bay Rays relief pitcher Fernando Rodney; Photo by Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Players you don’t normally root for at the same time will be focused on a common mission: winning the Midsummer Classic. While it used to be a game of mere entertainment, it carries a bigger meaning now. The winning league gets home field advantage in the World Series. That’s a hefty incentive to turn an exhibition game into something far bigger.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience at home by starting a project that you meant to do with little effort before finding yourself realizing the value of a job well done. It was a quick fix of the roof. A patch of a leak. Or a speed cleaning of the gutters. Sadly many homeowners have tried the fast approach to fix-it duties and suffered later.

Like the payoff of the All-Star Game win coming several months later, taking the time to carefully evaluate needed repair projects provides benefits beyond today. Addressing issues now, especially with your roof, can prevent future damage to a roofing system or to the residence, from the structure to the contents inside. You’re also more likely to reduce or eliminate the need for additional repair or replacement expenses later on.

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