Swimming Safety Tops Summer Priority List

Swimming Sisters


Two young members of the Arry’s Roofing family are getting water-wise this summer thanks to professional swim instruction. Leyton and Brylee, daughters of Stephen and Heidi Housh, have been learning all the necessary skills at a facility known as the Seal Swim School. The goal of creating strong swimmers for a lifetime is what prompted their mother to enroll the girls in these summer sessions and there’s an incentive for any parent in Tampa Bay to do the same.

Water fun is common in the summer, of course, but also can become a threat to the inexperienced swimmer. That’s why it’s important for young students like the Housh girls to becoming more aware of the dangers related to being in the water, develop skills to become strong swimmers, and learn how to make quick decisions if a problem in the pool (or any body of water) develops. Beginning this training early and continuing it throughout a summer and in successive years can help children avoid the fate that many others encounter.

The Seal Swim School staffs American Red Cross safety instructors who are certified in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard Training. These experienced instructors also receive ongoing training to ensure they’re providing the best possible instruction. They can even teach children with all levels of abilities, including students with special needs.

We’re proud of Leyton and Brylee for their ongoing efforts to become superb swimmers. We’re also proud of their parents for ensuring the girls remain enrolled in every session throughout Seal Swim School’s swimming season. As they know, safety is not an occasionally important; it’s valuable every day of the year. That’s a lesson we know the girls will remember for a long time to come.