Best Customers on Earth in Tampa Bay


2012 is almost history. But before we bid adieu to a great year, we want to share some of the moments that made the last 12 months an outstanding chapter in the story of Arry’s Roofing. Each one of them is attributed to the customers who have relied on us time and time again to repair or replace commercial and residential roofing systems all over Tampa Bay.

Let’s begin with praise from a valued customer named Mark Jiampetti, Personnel Systems Manager for a branch of the U.S. military.

“I recently received excellent service from Arry’s Roofing. It was refreshing to personally experience what customer service is suppose to be all about. It’s been a long time since I have received it. In the Air Force we use to call it “Above in Beyond”! That’s what Arry’s did! They truly delivered service with a smile from first contact till receiving the invoice. They were on spot with their timing at each phase of my roof repair and completed a $2700.00 repair in a matter of 6 hours. The job looks flawless! Thank you Arry’s for a job well done!”

Other highlights this year were made possible by the appearance of Arry’s Roofing at home shows here in Tampa Bay. At one of those shows, we met Robert Garbutt, who became a first-time customer and hopefully a long-time one too.

“I first came into contact Arry’s Roofing at a local “Home Show”. I went there to get ideas for enhancing my home’s appeal. I was in need of a new roof but it was the furthest thing from my mind. Never expected a roofing company to be there . . . I struck up a conversation with the people at the booth just to get some general information about the products and the company itself. I am completely pleased to have chosen them for my roofing needs. I could not have asked for more knowledgeable, courteous, or professional people to conduct business with! They were able to answer any and all of my questions immediately and to my satisfaction and I was totally comfortable from the start. The products used were the best in the industry as well as the warranties!! They even made sure that I would not have any more issues (leaks) until the job was completed. I shopped around and gathered several other quotes in the interim but didn’t feel right with what the other companies were telling me; or with the products they were going to use on my home; instead of what I wanted. The other companies were all too busy telling what they can’t do and what they won’t do, or what I was going to have to do….before, during, and after. Thank you Dave, Amy, Tony, Josh and everyone else @ Arry’s.”

Word of mouth from satisfied customers is how Joanne and Don Deegan heard about us, and we’re grateful for the introduction.

“We were so very pleased with Arry’s Roofing as we were referred from our neighbor down the block to contact them. We did and it was just clear sailing where they took care of everything once they saw we had a problem on our roof. The work was done in record time and done exceptionally well! Would recommend them anytime I’m asked. Loved the finished results!!”

Thanks to everyone who turned to Arry’s Roofing this year in their time of need. We look forward to meeting more of your friends and neighbors in 2013. May your New Year be a safe and prosperous one!