Cyberloafing Monday in Tampa Bay

Some say the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. Football fans won’t argue against that idea. But apparently Tampa Bay residents, and anyone else affected by the switch to Daylight Saving Time should be more concerned about the Monday after we Spring Forward. Experts say the change in our sleep times can leave us more tired as the workweek begins if we go to bed at our normal bedtime instead of an hour earlier to match the change.

The exhaustion that you may feel on Monday could lead you to spend more time “cyberloafing”, a term that is pretty self explanatory. Apparently, the more tired an employee is, the more time he or she spends browsing the web. It’s supposed to be a big deal on Monday so don’t be surprised if productivity is down in your workplace.

Certainly lost sleep is a serious issue in any workplace, but especially in one that demands strict adherence to safety procedures. A warehouse where employees work on and around forklifts, for example, is a place where exhaustion can be not only counterproductive but also hazardous. Even driving to and from work, or driving for work, can be lead to increased risks with more sleepy people on the streets and highways of Tampa Bay.

Keeping yourself and others safe on Cyberloafing Monday is important. Sure, there’s not much damage you can do inside a cubicle, but even office jobs come with their share of risks anytime equipment is involved or you’re having to climb to reach top-shelf supplies. The goal is to make any work environment a safe one that day and every day.

As a GAF MasterElite Roofer with 25+ years in the business here in Tampa Bay, Arry’s Roofing understands the need for safety at all levels of the project. Our crews adhere to the highest standards of safety to protect themselves, the residents of that home and the home itself. Without safety standards in place 100% of the time—and only licensed roofers on the job—we’d be just another contractor. Give that some thought while you’re browsing the web on Cyberloafing Monday.