Tampa Bay Tweets Big Time

Twitter seems to be the great equalizer of society. Anyone and any business can use it. Then, you can follow anybody you choose to, including celebrities. At any given time, you can read the thoughts of @piersmorgan (he tweets constantly), @charliesheen (almost 7 million followers despite less than 1000 tweets), and @WilliamShatner (Captain Kirk is currently on tour). You don’t even need their permission to follow them, and you can mention them in a tweet if you want. They may or may not respond.

@WilliamShatner, tell you Tampa Bay friends to call @ArrysRoofing.

Yes, Arry’s Roofing is on Twitter. It’s likely that Bill Shatner isn’t following us yet. We still have fewer than 200 followers right now. But we know Tampa Bay is using the social media site so we’re aiming to increase our numbers, with your help of course.

For Arry’s Roofing customers who consider themselves Twitterers or Tweeters (we won’t judge you for picking one over the other), we invite you to follow us and share your comments about the roofing work we did at your Tampa Bay home. Feel free to throw in an acronym or two, if you like. LOL. For homeowners who are shopping around for a roofing contractor, follow us and let us know how you found us initially. Whether it was word of mouth or a Google search, we’d love to hear what moved you in our direction.

We’ll collect the best comments and roll them into a future blog post. If you have pics to share, posting them on Twitter is a great opportunity to illustrate whatever points you make in your comment. Just be safe taking those pics; there’s no reason to attempt an aerial shot of your roof if it’s potentially dangerous.

For the 90% of you reading this blog who only found us because of our mentions of Piers Morgan, Charlie Sheen and William Shatner, tell you Tampa Bay friends to check out the rest of the site. Arry’s Roofing has been satisfying customers for more than 25 years and we’re among a small fraction of contractors in the nation who have earned the status of GAF MasterElite Roofer. One call to 727-938-9565 is all it takes to set up a free inspection. Shatner, use the phone; your Star Trek communicator won’t get a signal in 2012.