Failing Roofs Along the Gulf Coast

You may have been bracing for bad weather this week but Tampa Bay was spared the worst of it. That’s good in so many ways, especially for anyone living with a roof that’s not ready for heavy rain. Now you’ve got time to remedy any roof issues, as long as you recognize that you do have roof issues.

Let’s take a look at some of most common roof issues. For starters, missing, cracked or curled shingles are obvious signs that a roof is failing to provide adequate protection. Also, a roof that appears dark and dirty may have several potential problems. Among them, the growth of vegetation, algae or fungus could compromise your roof’s performance. Dark spots may also be signs that shingles that are past their prime.

The roof is not the only place to look for roof-related issues. After rainfall, wet spots in the attic may suggest aging of your shingles or flashing deterioration. Wet spots may also indicate faulty installation of your roofing components.

A thorough review of the home for roof-related issues should include an examination of ceilings and walls. Stains, mold and mildew growth are obvious signs of trouble. They may point to roof failure or inadequate ventilation.

If you spot any of these key danger signals at your Tampa Bay home, it’s important to address the issues immediately to avoid facing additional (and potentially costly) problems. Contact a licensed contractor who regularly operates in Tampa Bay and can provide local customer references. Get an estimate in writing and ask pertinent company questions, including questions about a company’s bankruptcy and litigation history.

Some Tampa Bay homeowners may hear different recommendations from different contractors. One might recommend roof replacement while another recommends only roof repair. It’s important to note that not all roof issues necessitate total roof replacement. An experienced and reputable roofing contractor will be able to explain if making repairs to a troubled roof is an option or if roof replacement is a must.