No Leak Skylights for Tampa Bay Homes

Brightening a Tampa Bay home and lowering energy costs are great reasons to consider a skylight from Arry’s Roofing. But some homeowners may have dismissed the idea because of concerns over possible leaks. It’s true that skylights have often been associated with leak problems, unfortunately due to several issues and errors, such as faulty skylight installation, damaged caulking, damaged flashing, faulty or damaged roof shingles, or improper repairs. Those concerns need not influence your decision anymore thanks to a No Leak Skylight that’s on the market these days.

The No Leak Skylight is among numerous skylight products available from VELUX that can be installed by Arry’s Roofing. The product comes equipped with three layers of water protection—a valuable asset during those heavy rains that sweep over the Florida Gulf Coast due to storms and tropical events. Engineered flashing provides the first layer of water protection. The second comes from an adhesive underlayment. The third level of water protection is provided by a pre-attached skylight gasket that provides a tight seal between a standard site-built curb and the skylight.

Beyond the peace of mind that comes with no leak threats, the No Leak Skylight from VELUX also features improved energy efficiency thanks to advanced LoE3 glass, higher visible light transmittance, and improved solar heat gain performance. A valuable feature of the electric venting skylights, whether curb mounted or deck mounted, is their ability to close automatically in the event of rain. Plus, all No Leak Skylights are accompanied by a 10-year installation warranty, plus 20 years on glass, 10 years on product, and five years on blinds and controls.

Tampa Bay homeowners who install a No Leak Skylight before the end of the year can feel even better about the choice thanks to a federal tax credit. After a skylight installation, a consumer can claim a credit of 10% up to $200 of the purchase price of qualifying windows and skylights, excluding installation costs. Consider all the benefits and give Arry’s Roofing a call today at 727-938-9565 to discuss your options.

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