Floridians Deserve a Factory-Certified Roofer

If you’re one of those people who researches everything, it’s likely that you’ve visited the website of each manufacturer who created a product that you bought. Nothing gets by you. But there a great many people who bypass these kinds of details, and in doing so, may miss some bits of critical information. One detail that would serve a property owner well is learning whether or not his or her roofer of choice is factory certified.

The GAF website makes it easy to determine if a contractor in your area has been certified by North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. You simply enter your Zip Code and the results in your area will appear. Enter a Tampa Bay area Zip Code and you’ll see Arry’s Roofing as one of your results.

Not only does this site help you better determine the certification status of a particular roofing contractor, it provides many more ways to get a clearer sense of the value of each contractor. One way that’s possible is by checking out a kind of roofer report card based on reviews by real homeowners. The reviews are used to “score” a business based on both sales and installation experience. Another aspect of this ScoreCard is related to the overall results, asking a customer if the project met all expectations and would that customer recommend the contractor to others.

As of this writing, Arry’s Roofing has received 122 reviews with scores close to or at the maximum level in every single category. The decision to hire a contractor based on these scores can be further bolstered by examining GAF Awards and Certifications, listed nearby. On our page, you’ll notice an Installation Excellence Award among the five featured icons.

So as you’re preparing for an upcoming roof repair or replacement project at your Gulf Coast property, take a few minutes to visit the GAF website. There’s no need to memorize large amounts of technical information about roofing. Just look for a contractor that’s factory certified and that alone will narrow your search while raising your expectations of what a genuinely qualified roofer can do for you.

Find a Factory-Certified Roofer