Reaping the Benefits from an Insured Florida Roofer

It’s a beautiful January mid-afternoon and the roofing contractor you hired is making progress on your new asphalt roof. Suddenly a worker near the chimney slips and falls off the roof. He lands on the ground and breaks several bones, including his neck. It’s a terrible accident, but luckily he survives. Then you find out the contractor you hired doesn’t carry any insurance. How lucky do you feel?

In Florida, non-insured roofers are more common than you may realize. Even an apparent roofing pro with a sparkling company logo on the side of his company vehicle may not carry adequate (or any) insurance. If it’s a topic you’re not discussing before a project commences, finding out after the fact may create a whole lot of issues that will catch you by surprise, such as the issue of liability if a worker falls on your property while uninsured.

As part of an initial inspection meeting, asking to see the contractor’s certificate of insurance helps you more effectively qualify a Gulf Coast roofing contractor. And the type of insurance coverage is important too. Does the contractor carry general liability? Does the contractor carry workers’ compensation? A brief discussion at the beginning of the process can reduce the risk from trouble later. You can even take it a step further and ask for proof of insurance from the actual insurance company, rather than merely taking the word of the contractor.

You may have encountered and even hired non-insured roofing contractors in the past. Perhaps it was a new company without insurance or a part-time contractor. You may have saved some money going this route. Yet hiring a single contractor or a company that is not insured is a risk that should be avoided. At the end of the day (or the end of the project), you don’t want to be financially responsible for an error or negligence on the part of your contractor.

In Florida, insured and licensed roofing contractors are available for roof repair and roof replacement. Seeking them out saves you an unnecessary hassle later. As a GAF MasterElite Roofing Contractor, Arry’s Roofing maintains an adequate level of insurance, and remains committed to operating with licensed roofing professionals only. Tampa Bay property owners can learn more by visiting www.arrysroofing.com or by calling 727-938-9565.