No Roof Left Behind Returns to Tampa Bay

The nominations for the next No Roof Left Behind event have already started coming in from homeowners in our area, and Arry’s Roofing is eager to install new roofs on two homes this year through this successful program. We invite you to get acquainted with the nomination process and consider who you could help get a new roofing system from us in 2014. It’s also important to be aware of key dates for this promotion so you get your nomination in before the deadline.

The nomination period, which got underway recently, runs through March 14. It doesn’t take long to submit the necessary information. You do want to know some key things before heading to the No Roof Left Behind website, including the nominee’s contact information, roof condition, square footage of the home, and whether or not the nominee actually owns the home. That last bit is important; he or she must be the homeowner and must be current on mortgage payments.

Photos are very helpful in making your nomination stand out. A carefully chosen title can help a lot as well, but the one area you want to give special attention to is the story itself. It does not need to involve a lot of writing if the story is well-crafted and compelling.

Arry’s Roofing wants to help you strengthen your nomination by sharing some tips on what to consider when writing the story portion of your submission.  You only have 150 words at most to make your point, and it’s really a pitch. You’re pitching your No Roof Left Behind nominee as more worthy than anyone else.

5 Tips for a Writing a Nominee’s Story

Have a beginning, middle, and end. You want to end strong with a clear call-to-action for anyone reading the story.

Personalize the nominee. Consider what aspects of the nominee’s past, accomplishments, and day-to-day life will be most interesting or memorable. 

Explain the quality of life challenges. Share how the roof’s poor condition is having a direct impact on the nominee’s health, safety and well-being.

Highlight the urgency for repairs or replacement. Feel free to mention short-term solutions and how long the nominee has been dealing with an inadequate roof.

Be creative. Open your mind to the potential storytelling options available. There is no one way to make your nomination stand out above the rest so take time to explore what might be the winning way to do it.

Once the No Roof Left Behind nomination period ends, voting for finalists takes place from March 24 through April 13. A winner will be revealed on April 18 with May 3 set aside for our installation celebration. Arry’s Roofing encourages you to carefully craft your nomination and asks you to share the link to this page with anyone who might benefit from it.