Rebate for Roofing in Clearwater, FL

Periodically throughout the year Arry’s Roofing is offering special discounts, but there’s one rebate available through your local GAF Master Elite Roofer that’s good all year long. It’s the Roofs for Troops promotion, available once again to local veterans, active military, and retirees.

This special rebate worth $250 is available when you buy a new Lifetime Roofing System and have it installed by Arry’s Roofing, your experts for roofing in Clearwater, FL and surrounding areas. It’s limited to one rebate per individual during the calendar year. If you have more than one property in need of a new roof, you’ll want to decide which one the rebate will apply to.

2014 may already be the year to replace the roof on your Tampa Bay home. There are some key signs to help you determine if replacement is imminent.  Below we listed a few ways to check quickly.


Shingles or tiles are cracked, curled, worn or missing
Granule loss from asphalt shingles
Split wood shingles
Mold or moss growth
Leaks, stains or spotting on interior ceilings
Staining of rafters or in attic space
Streaks along exterior home walls
Expired roof warranties
Storm damage

A change in monthly cooling or heating bills is another way to detect a potential roofing problem. If any of these warning signs appear at your home, a professional inspection is the next recommended step. Contacting a licensed, insured, and manufacturer-certified contractor quickly may prevent additional damage, including interior problems caused by roof leaks.

Arry’s Roofing provides a free roof inspection and estimate, and we invite you to read about the advantage of hiring a Master Elite Contractor for your residential roof replacement work. One of those benefits is our commitment to ongoing training to ensure quality installation.  GAF has also recognized our quality by naming Arry’s a winner of multiple excellence awards, including Consumer Protection Excellence, Training Excellence, and Installation Excellence.

If 2014 is indeed the year for a new roof and you’re eligible to enjoy savings on a new roofing system through Roofs for Troops, we encourage you to contact us today. Even if you’re not ready to make the buying decision right now, we can help you make the most informed decision when the time comes. Reach us by phone at 727-938-9565 or post on our Facebook page.