Remodel Your Tampa Home Virtually

For newcomers to the Arry’s Roofing blog, you may have noticed our connection to GAF. We mention the company often as we our a certified installer of its roofing products. The company has even awarded us for our excellence on multiple occasions. So we want to take another opportunity to direct our blog readers, especially those planning for a new roof installation, to a terrific resource on the GAF site.

The GAF site is packed with resources for both residential customers and contractors. To get to the Virtual Home Remodeler, first click on Residential Roofing on the top of the page. A list of options will immediately appear. Look to the right side for Planning Your Roof Project then scan down until you see Virtual Home Remodeler and click on it.

During this process, you may be asked for your zip code. Be sure to enter the one where you anticipate having the work done. It allows the site to customize the options available in that specific market. 

As you click through the roof shingle options available, you’ll see the look of a 2-story house with an attached garage change. Camelot is the first option and you can scroll all the way down until you reach Woodland. To the left of the house image, you’ll see a comment from one of two HGTV experts. Below that, you will see a place to customize your own home, if that’s something you want to do, too.

Beyond the comparison of roofing shingles, you can continue to use the Virtual Home Remodeler to assess trim colors as well as brick and siding. Once you’re done making your choices, you can save a project or print a project. You could create several projects and save them in a folder on the site for later review and sharing. 

The Virtual Home Remodeler provides an easy way to see how you can make a big difference in the way your home looks with just a few clicks. Of course, the work to follow is a bit more involved. But once you have a clear idea of what you want, you can begin the process of making sure your GAF-certified roofing contractor is there to guide you along the way, providing a free estimate and licensed and insured work until the job is completed to your satisfaction.