Storm Damaged Roofs? Expert Contractors to the Rescue!

Because we are located in the mid-western part of Florida, Tampa rarely takes a direct hit from a hurricane (with the last one to have occurred in 1921) as these weather disturbances are usually coming from the eastern and the southern part of the state.

Unfortunately for our neighbors in the other side of the state, they usually experience intense weather conditions during summertime – from torrential rains to strong winds, causing severe damage to their houses, as what happened recently according to this report by Florida Today online:

Wind gusts during a Sunday afternoon storm damaged roofs on three homes along Parrish Road, said John Pendergrast, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service station at Melbourne International Airport.

The damages occurred after 4 p.m. near Old Dixie Highway and Oklahoma Street.

An aluminum carport was also blown onto a neighboring property, Pendergrast said.

Titusville received 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches of rain during the storm, he said.

Minor street flooding occurred, said Scott Gaenicke, Titusville Fire Department spokesman.

Though we are often lucky enough to be spared from hurricanes, there are afternoon thunderstorms and Gulf storms we need to be prepared about as this could also cause severe damage to our homes.

Thunderstorms occurring on summer usually carry lighting, strong winds, heavy rain, and sometimes hail and these will definitely result in numerous roofing problems such as damaged roofing shingles and leaks.

If you have roofing concerns, it is best not to delay things and contact a Tampa roofing contractor that offers emergency roofing repairs. However, you should always be discerning when choosing a roofer as there are a lot of scammers and fly-by-night contractors in the area who are out to dupe unsuspecting homeowners.

One of the most trusted roofing contractors in Tampa is Arry’s Roofing Services Inc. We have been around for more than 25 years providing excellent roofing products and services Bay Area residents. Furthermore, our rapid response team is available to make emergency repairs. We have the proper equipment and expertise to restore the integrity of your roof.

(Article Excerpt from Strong winds batter Brevard homes, floridatoday.com, July 6, 2014)