Tampa Bay’s Back-to-School Savings

Expect a rush on school supplies, clothing, and shoes this weekend as parents hit the stores to scoop up items for their families during Florida’s tax-free weekend. If you stayed away from the stores on Friday night, you might want to get an early start on Saturday. You may even find some stores staying open longer to accommodate the increased number of summertime shoppers.

At Arry’s Roofing, we aim to keep our roofing customers informed so they can make the best decisions so we’re spreading the word about the tax-free weekend to help those same customers who are shopping for back-to-school needs now. One important bit of news to pass along is the inclusion of personal computers and tablets this year. Those items, plus keyboards and other related accessories, priced at $750 or less are now eligible for the tax exemption.

The limit on each item of clothing is $75. Keep in mind, it does not need to be for a student to be an eligible item. Individuals and couples can enjoy the same savings as families.

School supplies are eligible at a lower limit. Any qualifying school supply item of $15 or less is tax-exempt this weekend. That makes it an ideal time to stock up on notebooks, crayons, pencils, and whatever else your students will need this fall.

There’s no shortage of great shopping experiences throughout Tampa Bay anytime of the year, but this weekend will be driving a whole lot more people to the malls and department stores to take advantage of the tax-free deal on all those eligible items. The savings could be considerable, and smart shoppers are likely to find some additional deals on select items during their trips to the stores this weekend.

Before you leave the house, get all the information you need to make those informed decisions by reviewing the pdf created for this special tax-free weekend. The nine-page document is easy to read and covers all pertinent topics, including rain checks, rentals, and layaway sales. On page 6 of that pdf, you’ll begin to see the list of taxable and tax-exempt items. Take a moment to look for items on your shopping list to see which one they fall under.

Once you’ve made your tax-free purchases in Tampa Bay, let Arry’s Roofing know how the experience went. Post your savings, best deals, or favorite finds  on our Facebook page or Tweet it to us @arrysroofing. We wish you a safe and satisfying Sales Tax Holiday Weekend.


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