Voting Begins for No Roof Left Behind Finalists

For several months Arry’s Roofing spotlighted the No Roof Left Behind promotion to encourage people to nominate themselves or another deserving Pinellas County family. The 4+ month period of nominations ended recently, but a new step in the process is about to begin. Following a short review to determine which homeowners are worthy of becoming finalists, a period for voting for these finalists gets underway.

Friday August 2 marks the beginning of that voting process. You will have several weeks to show your support for a finalist. Thanks to a little red button the nominations page, you can even give yourself a reminder to vote by adding it to your personal calendar. For the link to voting, click HERE.

You will only have four finalists from which to choose. That’s four lucky homeowners who survived the cut down from 113. If you haven’t been introduced to this large pool of candidates for a free roof, take a moment to get acquainted with them now. You can find them by clicking HERE.

The number of nominees is especially impressive to us because we saw less than a few dozen posted on the No Roof Left Behind page during most of the nomination period. But that number grew quickly in July as the deadline to nominate approached. Even with only a few days left to the nomination period, only 70 homeowners were listed on the page. The number jumped to triple digits by Friday July 19.

Volunteers have a couple more days to review the nominees before the names of the four finalists get posted online. We encourage you to vote then spread the word. Share your vote with us on our Facebook page or Twitter @arrysroofing. Tell us how you determined which finalist was your favorite.

On Monday September 9, the name of the winning homeowner will be announced. The announcement will happen online, although we don’t know the exact time yet. Make a note on your calendar to check that day for the winner’s name or visit the Arry’s Roofing Facebook page where we will share the details as well.