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Hats Off to GAF for Latest Award


As a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor for Tampa Bay, Arry’s Roofing relies on North America’s largest roofing manufacturer for the exceptional roofing systems we install for our Gulf Coast neighbors. So we’re pleased to share great news from GAF this week regarding a special award presented to this 126 year-old company.

Home Builder Executive recently awarded the Gold Innovation Award for Asphalt Roofing Shingles for its advancements in the category over the past year. According to the GAF website, the award comes with an acknowledgement of GAF’s introduction of “the industry’s first Lifetime Roofing System followed by the release of Woodland, Monaco and Timberline American Harvest Shingles.” As part of the process of naming award recipients, editors of Home Builder Executive examine a wide variety of sources of information about a company from its website and press releases to published articles and interviews.

Another positive achievement for GAF mentioned by Home Builder Executive is the successful Roofs for Troops program. The rebate program for active military, veterans and retirees is active through the end of December, and has already helped more than 5,000 people so far. Arry’s Roofing has been promoting the program here in Tampa Bay throughout the year on our website, social media pages, and in person as well.

Awards like this one are important to mention. It’s a demonstration of a commitment to running an exceptional company. It’s also underscores the mission to continuously produce exceptional products, the kind we install all over Tampa Bay and deliver with enhanced system warranties.

As your local roofing contractor, we hold ourselves to the same high standards in the industry, a commitment that led Arry’s Roofing to becoming one of only 3% of roofers nationwide who earned the designation of Master Elite Roofer. It’s more than a title. It assures new customers and potential customers that we’re fully licensed in the state of Florida, we’re adequately insured, we have a proven reputation in the local community, and we continue to participate in ongoing training to stay current with the latest techniques.

When you’re ready for an exceptional roof using only high quality GAF products installed by a Master Elite Roofer, call Arry’s Roofing at 727-938-9565. We’ll set up a free inspection and estimate. Then soon you’ll have the same peace of mind that many of your Tampa Bay neighbors have already experienced.


Thankful in Tampa Bay


You may have noticed some people using their Facebook status every day to tell you what they’re thankful for. It may be the love of family or the birth of a new grandchild. It could be good news related to their health or a job offer finally came through. Whatever the reason, we hope November has been a month with many good things happening for you too.

As the holiday season starts making demands on you and your time, it’s possible you haven’t taken a moment to consider what you’re thankful for. But if you get started, you may find your list grows quickly as you pause to think about each area of your life. You could start with your family, move on to your work and then continue on to your community.

Do any of the following apply to you?
I’m thankful for my spouse.
I’m thankful for my children.
I’m thankful for my parents.

Do any of the following fit you?
I’m thankful for steady employment.
I’m thankful for a satisfying job.
I’m thankful for being able to pay my bills.

Can any of these be added to your list?
I’m thankful for good neighbors.
I’m thankful for the peace in my city.
I’m thankful for excellent resources nearby.

As one of those nearby resources for home and business owners, Arry’s Roofing is thankful for our valued customers who rely on us in a time of need. Whether they are dealing with a roof damaged by a storm or needing to replace one due to aging, each decision maker’s choice to begin working with Arry’s allows us to provide a residence or commercial building with an exceptional roofing system in Tampa Bay. Our commitment to roofing excellence is only possible due to the customers who entrust us with installing the most important system of protection for a home or business.

Many of these customers have acknowledged their gratitude in writing and we’ve shared those thoughts on our Reviews page. Others have told us on camera why they trust Arry’s Roofing and return time after time. For their time and effort to share their experiences, we are thankful. All year long.


A Return to Tropicana Field


Photo courtesy of Tampa Bay Home Show

It’s offseason at the home of the Rays and they don’t return until April 2 when they host the Baltimore Orioles in the 2013 season opener. But long before the ump yells “play ball” again, another winning team will take the field. This week, you’ll have three chances to see the team from Arry’s Roofing at the Tampa Bay Home Show.

The Home Show opens on Friday November 9 at 10 am. That’s when Tampa Bay homeowners will first come face to face with a world of resources, experts and celebrity guests. The helpful tips, techniques and introduction to new products come free of charge, along with free parking for the event too. You’ll also have a chance to win some terrific prizes throughout the weekend. 

A team from Arry’s Roofing will be at the Home Show once again to answer questions about your home improvement needs. Replacement roofing will be a hot topic, and we’ll introduce many potential customers to the GAF roofing systems available through Arry’s Roofing. Also, we look forward to helping other homeowners discover the benefits of turning to Arry’s for skylights and new gutter systems.

Visitors to the Home Show can discuss an upcoming home improvement project with an Arry’s Roofing representative, learn signs that a roof needs replacing, and see what new options for roofing materials are available through Arry’s and our roofing partners, including GAF. We’ll be on site daily at 10 am as the show gets underway and we’ll be there until the last minute to answer your questions until 6 pm on Friday, 7 pm on Saturday and 5 pm on Sunday.

During our last visit to the Home Show, we had the good fortune of seeing many familiar faces, including past roofing customers. Some of them shared thoughts about pleasant past experiences with Arry’s Roofing, which we’ve shared on our website. We hope to get more of these video testimonials over the weekend so we encourage our satisfied customers to share a few thoughts with us when they stop by our booth.





Watching Sandy from the Sidelines


Image courtesy of NOAA and Associated Press

It’s likely you know someone affected by the superstorm still moving through the Northeast. Although Hurricane Sandy made landfall on Monday in New Jersey, the massive weather system continues to impact millions of people a day later. From power outages to closed transit systems, residents of multiple states are experiencing the impact often reserved for Florida and states in this part of the country.

As the storm passes, its immediate effects will be lessened. The strong winds will subside. Water from flooded areas will recede. Power will be restored. But the longer lasting results of Sandy may felt by homeowners and commercial property owners for months.

One challenge for these residents will be securing help to repair their homes and businesses and restore normalcy to their lives. Even before the storm is done pounding states like New York, New Jersey and West Virginia, residents are turning to home improvement contractors for help protecting their property and their assets. These emergency services are critical in sparing future expense related to roof and structure damage caused by Sandy.

Once the emergency period is over, a full assessment of key areas, such as the roofing system, is necessary. Not all damage caused by high winds is visible, and leaks can begin showing days after the storm has passed. An expert evaluation can tell a homeowner what hidden damage to the roof exists, if any, and the extent of that damage.

For some homeowners, repairs by a reputable roofer may be sufficient to restore a roof’s integrity and return it to good condition. Yet some of these homeowners may fall prey to unethical roofers who unnecessarily recommend a roof replacement simply for the sake of profit. That’s why protecting your home and protecting your bank account demands finding reliable roofers with a track record of doing business in the community in which you live and work.

In Tampa Bay, we see this kind of situation when tropical storms, hurricanes and other severe weather conditions hit the Florida and the Gulf Coast. We caution our neighbors to be aware of deceptive or bad business practices. Now you can help us caution your friends and family members who may be dealing with damage and devastation caused by Sandy. Let them know good roofing companies with solid reputations are always the place to turn to for both emergencies and long-term roof repair and replacement needs.


Avoiding Tampa Bay Roofing Disasters


Photo from TBO.com/Courtesy of Wayne Staples

With a population of more than 4 million people in the Tampa Bay area, it’s likely that at least few dozen people are making a roofing decision this week. If you’re one of them and you haven’t handled a roof repair or roof replacement project before, you’ll want to make sure you’re making informed decisions along the way. As a local expert with more than 25 years in the business, we can guide you through a few simple things to consider before getting a roofing project underway.

If you’re thinking that you’ll handle re-roofing alone, consider the value of your home’s best system of protection. A well-made, properly installed roof is vital to keep the structure and your home’s contents safe. An amateur approach to the job could lead to common mistakes and failure to anticipate the kinds of problems that can occur due to weather here in Tampa Bay. In addition, an uninsured roofer who has an accident on your property could leave you responsible for costs related to injuries and property damage.

Proper installation will not make up for the decision to use low-grade materials. Another common issue you may encounter with some contractors is failure to protect the roof deck and install additional leak barriers. The ideal materials are part of an integrated system, made specifically for use together on the same roof.

Spending thousands of dollars on a roof replacement in Tampa Bay should provide you with coverage for the materials and workmanship. A solid warranty from the manufacturer and the roofing company itself provides peace of mind for years to come. If you’re getting no warranty, or one that covers a period of less than 10 years, it’s wise to keep shopping for another roofing company.

When you’re ready for roof repair and roof replacement in Tampa Bay, rely only on experts in the field. Arry’s Roofing has been providing superior service to your neighbors as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor with a 20-year Workmanship Warranty of all of our services. Call us today at 727-938-9565 to schedule for free estimate.


Fall Roofing-To-Do List


You probably don’t need anyone to give you more chores at home. It’s likely you don’t have time to get the ones on your current list done, especially if football watching takes up your weekends and family obligations tie you up during the rest of the week. But a little preventive care of your roof can go a long way this season and next.

Homeowners who neglect the roof year round may find trouble developing that could have been prevented easily. Certainly you can’t be vigilant every day of the week, but scheduling time to assess your roof’s condition and potential needs takes very little time and could save you a great deal based on the cost of future repairs. Those repairs could become more costly if the damage compromises the roof’s ability to provide even minimal protection during a severe storm.

To minimize the time it takes and the effort necessary, think simple when tending to your roof’s needs. A visual check is an easy step. You can also look for signs inside and out that suggest the roof and gutters aren’t functioning at their best. Then if you notice something doesn’t look right, don’t change your weekend plans; call in a roofing expert accustomed to handling a variety of roofing systems.

Assess the obvious
Look for debris on the roof that could mask damage to shingles or conceal missing shingles. This is a simple visual check you can do by walking around the home, without climbing a ladder.

Look for subtle signs
Look for any sign of where water flowing from the gutters. Clogged gutters and downspouts can redirect water and ruin landscaping or affect the structure of the home.

Call in the experts
Stay off the ladder, especially if you are using the wrong ladder for the job. Standing on top of a step ladder is a terrific way to injure yourself. Instead of risking your health, call Arry’s Roofing at 727-938-9565.

We’ll come assess your roof’s condition no matter where you live in Tampa Bay. Then we’ll provide a written evaluation and estimate AT NO CHARGE. That will give you time to focus on more important things, like watching the Bucs beat the Cowboys on Sunday.



A Roofing Switch: Tile to Shingle in Tampa Bay

You know those times when you’re ready for a change at home. Appearance often has a lot to do with it and a new look can be refreshing. But making a change to your roofing is usually prompted by more than the desire to change the look as one Tampa Bay homeowner recently experienced.

Dan M., a homeowner in Palm Harbor, reached out to Arry’s Roofing to make a roofing change for him during the summer. Cost of maintenance and repair for a tile roof was a factor in the decision as Dan anticipated cleaning costs and replacement of broken tiles in his future. So this first-time customer decided to have a shingle roofing system installed instead.

Here’s a look at the home of our first-time customer before he made the switch from tile to shingle roofing.


The advantages of a shingle roof are numerous as homeowners like Dan discover every day. It’s no option requiring little maintenance, especially with fewer surfaces for debris to collect. Also, it comes with a 25-year labor warranty program and a lifetime product warranty. The peace of mind that comes from a 40-point inspection by the manufacturer, protecting the homeowner from any and all leaks, is invaluable.

The next decision may have taken Dan a little longer. That involved which color he preferred. But once that decision was made and the contract was signed, the job began less than a month later. Once crews arrived at Dan’s Palm Harbor home, the project was completely quickly, and Dan’s new shingle roof was finished within three days.


Tile roofing from this Palm Harbor home is removed first.


The crew from Arry’s Roofing works on making the change from tile to shingles.


Part of the installation includes new super gutters.


Installation of this new shingle roofing system by Arry’s Roofing was finished within three days.

For homeowners in central Pinellas County, like Dan M., and all over Tampa Bay, making the switch from tile roofing to shingle roofing can be a tremendous time saver as well as a cost-effective measure for years to come. When you’re ready to discuss the advantages of making the change, let’s talk. You can call Arry’s Roofing at 727-938-9565 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. We also invite you to find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

A Change in Isaac’s Path

When the weekend arrived, the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac seemed imminent. At that point, the forecasted track appeared to take it into Tampa Bay as of this morning. But, as often happens with tropical storms and hurricanes, the path has shifted and it looks like Isaac will take aim further west, perhaps making landfall in Louisiana as a Category 2 hurricane.

While we may breathe a sigh of relief here, and hope for the best for those in the path of Isaac, we’re still going to be dealing with stormy weather here today. The outer rain bands of Isaac were already making their impact in Florida yesterday, flooding streets in some areas including Key West. Much of that same type of rain will fall on Tampa Bay today and be joined by thunder and lightning.

It’s certainly less of an impact than we expected a few days ago but we’re certainly not in the clear in Tampa Bay. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t take direct impact of a tropical storm to create conditions that can threaten your safety and damage your home. Heavy rains on a roof that may have a leak already can be disastrous. It can also be a serious problem if your gutter system isn’t working properly or has been clogged by debris.

Should the widespread storms affecting our area today lead to trouble at your Tampa Bay home, particularly with the roof, we encourage you to call Arry’s Roofing right away. The damage may be easy to spot. If not, we can work quickly to determine the problem spot(s) and make emergency repairs. In some cases, the damage may be hidden and take weeks or months to reveal itself, leading to more issues later on.

If you suspect your home’s best system of protection has been damaged or compromised in any way during severe weather, give us a call at 727-938-9565. We’ll be on the job quickly to make emergency repairs, document the damage for insurance claims, and ensure the contents of your Tampa Bay home remain protected. Then we’ll arrange another visit to create a plan to restore your roof—and your peace of mind.


Tropical Storm Preparations

Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to hit the Tampa Bay area early on Monday morning August 27.


As your fellow Tampa Bay residents, our concern during the approach of a tropical storm turns to the personal safety of our family, friends and neighbors. The news that Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to arrive here after the weekend makes preparation a priority in the next two days. For people who have experienced this type of situation before, they may have already begun getting ready for the potential damaging winds and heavy rains. But there are still a great many people who have yet to get started so we want to take a moment to help you get started.

There are three phases to consider. Understanding your responsibility during each phase is important in protecting yourself, your family and your home. The following material was carefully prepared by the weather experts at the Weather Channel as a helpful resource for situations like the one we’re about to face. Take a few minutes to reach about each phase today.

Click HERE to read an article about how to effectively prepare for the arrival of Tropical Storm Isaac in Tampa Bay.

Click HERE to read about how to safely protect yourself and your property while the Tropical Storm Isaac is passing over Tampa Bay.

Click HERE to learn how to respond to storm damage and related situations once Tropical Storm Isaac has exited Tampa Bay. 

Once your preparations are done and you have time, be sure to check in on others on your street to make sure they are prepared for the damaging weather conditions that accompany a tropical storm. Your neighbors, especially ones with a disability or the elderly, will appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you don’t have your neighbor’s phone number already, make sure you get it in order to check on them in the hours following the worst of the tropical weather.

The family at Arry’s Roofing will also be using this time to prepare for a worst case scenario but we are available to take your calls if you have urgent questions. We want you to be safe, first and foremost, and as informed as you can be. To reach us, call 727-938-9565.

A Shingle Standoff in Tampa Bay

Preparations for roof replacement cover a lot of areas, including budget, but one area that may cause some confusion for homeowners is selection of the optimum shingle style. If the project has two decision makers, the debate over which shingle to choose could be endless. Instead of protecting your home and improving curb appeal, you could be taking weeks to move forward with your contractor. But Arry’s Roofing can help you move past the dilemma and find the best possible solution.

Even before you call us for a free consultation and estimate, you can get better informed on your options through the company we partner with to supply Tampa Bay with the highest quality roofs. GAF, North America’s largest manufacturer, provides an overview of housing designs and the shingle options that best suit each design. In less than 20 minutes, you can review the entire page and bookmark it for future reference.

Whether your home is a Victorian, Colonial, Ranch style, you can get helpful tips from GAF about choosing the ideal shingle style. For example, the roof of a ranch-style home can have a bigger impact on its overall look than a Colonial-style design. Neutral roof colors are recommended and GAF shingle products to consider first include the distinct and dimensional Grand Sequoia, premium wood-shake option Grand Canyon, and the popular look of wood-shake Timberline Shingles. Modern and contemporary designed homes will benefit from a clean, streamlined look available in a variety of products, such as Grand Slate and Slateline.

Once you’ve reviewed your shingle options, you can remain on the page to find a professional contractor to handle the work. Type in your Zip Code to the right and you’ll discover contractors who are 10, 20 or 30 miles within your home. Scroll down to Arry’s Roofing and take note of our 128 reviews by real homeowners and our 5 awards and certifications.